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  1. link Fishbulb4f18
    Simply Sleep restless legs syndrome, restless legs, pound woman, residual effects, desperate need
    I take Simply Sleep once in a while just to help me fall asleep. I'm a 120-pound woman and one pill is usually enough. Last night, my mind was racing - 80% more...
    Fishbulb4f18- over a year ago - in Simply Sleep
  2. link Tks35
    Simply Sleep bath tea, faily, melatonin, half an hour, mediation
    I take this fairly often when I have fallen behind on my sleep and can commit a full 8 hours or more before I need to get up and start moving. I am al - 81% more...
    Tks35- over a year ago - in Simply Sleep
  3. link Pupiczech
    Simply Sleep
    I've not had a problem with it before, but now my legs jerk after taking it and they ache horribly now too. Swelling of the lower limbs I attributed t - 21% more...
    Pupiczech- over a year ago - in Simply Sleep
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