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  1. link Randyvanesian
    pd symptoms or sinemet side effects which is it
    my mom is on sinemet 25/100 5 per day 90 min to take effect when taken then 90 min of peace before symptoms hit again which are choking, throat fells - 55% more...
    Randyvanesian- over a year ago - in Sinemet
  2. link Ritagolfs
    Long term effectiveness of Sinemet?
    My 81y/o father was placed on Sinemet 6 weeks ago. He is dramatically improved. How long can we expect this medication to work for him? My mother took - 32% more...
    Ritagolfs- over a year ago - in Sinemet
  3. link Misspillowmaker2
    sinemet and how it is used for restless leg syndrom
    would like to find out side affects and how it's used for restless leg syndrom. if u can help me i thank you.
    Misspillowmaker2- over a year ago - in Sinemet
  4. link Sandpiper68
    Sinemet Availability
    Does anyone have a clue as to why many pharmacies are having difficulty in filling prescriptions for Sinemet?
    Sandpiper68- over a year ago - in Sinemet
  5. link Cbbb4347
    Sinemet medication, low blood pressure, twitching muscles, crazy every time, reading 4
    I need to know what the side effects are for this medication.
    Cbbb4347- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Sinemet
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