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  1. link Khickey
    Sonata sleep aids, sleep deprived, memory loss, acting, have enough time
    I think this works best for me of all the others I've tried. Most longer acting sleep aids, make groggy or I can't get out of bed...Sonata has a very - 74% more...
    Khickey- over a year ago - in Sonata
  2. link Mood
    Sonata benadryl, nauseous, erection
    I feel like someone else is in the room and I have to wait a while before an erection will come. If I've been nauseous though this seems to subside. B - 37% more...
    Mood- over a year ago - in Sonata
  3. link Jalayande
    Sonata sex drive
    my side effects include only being able to sleep for 4 to 5 hours my sex drive has decreased considerably.
    Jalayande- over a year ago - in Sonata
  4. link Guywithbigaxe1
    Sonata tea cup, hippo, moron, medication
    OK i was put on this drug for sleeping because well i dont sleep and yeah. im only 16 which makes me a complete moron but this medication does work bu - 32% more...
    Guywithbigaxe1- over a year ago - in Sonata
  5. link J.gambino
    Sonata then i guess, zyban, ill effects, benders, cell phone
    Taking it to help ward off the 36hour Zyban Benders that happen from time to time... I just notice a nice calm. I haven't had any Ill effects as of ye - 45% more...
    J.gambino- over a year ago - in Sonata
  6. link Grajala
    Sonata strange things happen, cell phone charger, longest time, mesmerized, restroom
    I find that I cannot get to sleep even on 20 MGs and if I do, it only sleep for three - four hours and cannot get back to sleep. I have also had stran - 71% more...
    Grajala- over a year ago - in Sonata
  7. link Steffyg
    Sonata short term memory, short term memory loss
    I tend to have short term memory loss with this drug
    Steffyg- over a year ago - in Sonata
  8. link Shianmiller
    Sonata semi transparent
    I usually feel like my body is semi-transparent.
    Shianmiller- over a year ago - in Sonata
  9. link Shadesthegirl
    Sonata hallucination, feelings
    i usually get a very disoriented feeling from the sonata. I get hallucination feelings like i think i see someone in the room and when i turn around o - 28% more...
    Shadesthegirl- over a year ago - in Sonata
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