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  1. link Quietharvest
    I went off Advair after 10 years of use because of sever GIRD...Not one physician could figure out why I was having such inflammation and pain in my w - 83% more...
    Quietharvest- over a year ago - in Spiriva
  2. link Williamc
    Spiriva weight gain
    I took Spiriva for 5 weeks 3 years ago and gained 22lbs. Every pound ended up on my midsection, and sides, and no place else. Since that time I've had - 54% more...
    Williamc- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Spiriva
  3. link Johnmack95
    Taste Loss
    I have been on Advair and Spiriva about 10 weeks and all foods taste terrible. Is this a side effect??
    Johnmack95- over a year ago - in Spiriva
  4. link Jenmac1000
    Spiriva sleep patterns, sleep
    Taken at night, can greatly affect sleep patterns. Frequent waking.
    Jenmac1000- over a year ago - in Spiriva
  5. link Sparlj
    Spiriva spriva
    taking Spriva for several months. Affects my vision slight6ly and makes me feel sort of unreal...like I'm not really there J.-Oklahoma Mar 09
    Sparlj- over a year ago - in Spiriva
  6. link Bobbie71
    Spiriva breathing problems, last september, knees, stomach, legs
    This are my Mum's symptoms, aged 72: She was given Spiriva because of breathing problems whilst in hospital last September. It really helped her breat - 70% more...
    Bobbie71- over a year ago - in Spiriva
  7. link Rmcleod
    Depression on Spriva
    I just started taking Spiriva about 2 weeks ago and have started have periods of depression. Has anyone experienced this other than me?
    Rmcleod- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Spiriva
  8. link Donna_hff
    mucus in throat
    Does Spriva cause lots of mucus in your throat? At times I almost choke. and also loose my voice.
    Donna_hff- over a year ago - in Spiriva
  9. link Beckymar
    Loss of taste a side effect of Spiriva??
    I have been taking Spiriva for about a month now along with heart meds and Advair 250/50 twice a day and I have lost the ability to taste food. I can - 52% more...
    Beckymar- over a year ago - in Spiriva
  10. link Bigred
    can't seem to find a list of the side effects for Spiriva..need info please
    Bigred- over a year ago - in Spiriva
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