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  1. link Iowamom
    Sular severe headaches, hot flushes, migraine, headache
    Developed hot flushes that were unbearable...followed by such severe headaches that I literally could not move. Sat dead still on my bed for 4 hours w - 46% more...
    Iowamom- over a year ago - in Sular
  2. link Pgilbert
    Sular rapid heart rate, leg cramps, nasal congestion, exertion, blood pressure
    I have been on Sular 2 weeks. I have experienced headaches, nasal congestion, rapid heart rate on exertion, leg cramps, and sweating (night) . My bloo - 42% more...
    Pgilbert- over a year ago - in Sular
  3. link Midnight
    Sular stroke
    i had a stroke two weeks after taking med. i am only 42
    Midnight- over a year ago - in Sular
  4. link Cluisant
    I had cold feet with lotrel..stoopped and change to sular. my chinese doctor also gave a pill..she said cold feet was due to circulation problem..?
    Cluisant- over a year ago - in Sular
  5. link Jplum
    Sular stiff neck, internist, cardiologist, headaches, headache
    I have been on Sular for 2 years, and have experienced the following. 40 mg - gave me a very stiff neck as well as a headache. 20 mg - still causes he - 62% more...
    Jplum- over a year ago - in Sular
  6. link Lbl_1219
    Sular headaches
    I am been take Sular 2 weeks, have very bad headaches, my leg seems giving up on me, tired all the time.
    Lbl_1219- over a year ago - in Sular
  7. link Mageem
    Sular leg cramps, tingling toes, cold feet, diovan, achy
    leg cramps,cold feet-tingling toes. I am taking sular 20, vytorian 20 diovan 320 and toprol10 .I am very tired, sleepy and achy.
    Mageem- over a year ago - in Sular
  8. link Joshjess20
    Sular throbbing headache
    severe throbbing headache
    Joshjess20- over a year ago - in Sular
  9. link Mpattison
    Sular mild headaches, fluid retention, burning eyes
    Have been on Sular for 1 week and already have mild headaches, leg fluid retention, and dry burning eyes.
    Mpattison- over a year ago - in Sular
  10. link Mcariola1904
    Sular headaches
    been on sular for 3 days and am having headaches like never before!
    Mcariola1904- over a year ago - in Sular
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