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  1. link Dixiel
    Getting better
    I have had my 4th injection and am finally seeing a bit of a difference. I can now walk without limping. They pain is much relieved, however, if I tak - 56% more...
    Dixiel- over a year ago - in Supartz
  2. link Janet69
    Supartz back and neck pain, muscle cramping, headache, treatment side effects, symptoms of the flu
    I have had three injections of a generic of Supartz. The side effects have been numerous. I was to receive five injections but have decided to stop tr - 45% more...
    Janet69- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Supartz
  3. link Lindanc
    Supartz supartz injection
    I had my third Supartz injection today. Tonight, my knee felt unstable, and I had more weight bearing pain than ever. I couldn't even walk my dog, and - 38% more...
    Lindanc- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Supartz
  4. link Pickles
    extremely tired - anyone else had this?
    Pickles- over a year ago - in Supartz
  5. link John67
    Has anyone ever heard of a side effect from Supartz injections of shingles (herpes zoster)?
    John67- over a year ago - in Supartz
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