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  1. link Thedeathpronechild95
    Swim Ear Effectivness?
    How long does it take to kick in? Does it actually work? Do I have to lay on my side?
    Thedeathpronechild95- over a year ago - in Swim Ear
  2. link Amyn
    child with ear tubes
    my 2 year old has ear tubes. We took him swimming with ear plugs today, but he was able to pull them out several times. To be safe, when we got home i - 62% more...
    Amyn- over a year ago - in Swim Ear
  3. link Drybean1
    fequency of use
    How often can it be used? Every hour, 4 hours, once a day?
    Drybean1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Swim Ear
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