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  1. link Kikoi
    Face breaks out
    After about a couple of days my face started to break out :-(
    Kikoi- over a year ago - in Symbicort Turbuhaler
  2. link Tigerlillie000
    Symbicort Turbuhaler minimum wage job, symbicort inhaler, leg cramps, advair, sore throat
    I recently started taking the Symbicort Inhaler and have noticed that I seem to keep strangling all the time with a constant coughing due to the stran - 85% more...
    Tigerlillie000- over a year ago - in Symbicort Turbuhaler
  3. link Sip
    Symbicort Turbuhaler qvar, bad experience, health food store, advair
    I'm not sure what I should be feeling with this yet...I'm just wondering who's experiencing what side-effects. I've had bad experience with Advair...p - 61% more...
    Sip- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Symbicort Turbuhaler
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