Tamoxifen Side Effects

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  1. link Mel5
    Tamoxifen pelvic pains, breast cancer, lumpectomy, ovaries, endometriosis
    I am 41. Had stage 1 breast cancer in February and lumpectomy to remove the cancer. Had 4 weeks of Radiotherapy then started on Tamoxifen and lasted 2 and a half weeks!!! I have a history of moderate endometriosis and I started having extremely bad p - 45% more...
    Mel5- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  2. link Keb1000
    After effects
    I just finished my five years and am no longer taking tamoxifen as of five says ago. I have been having headaches every day since I stopped the drug. Is this normal, and if so, when will it stop?
    Keb1000- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  3. link Violoncelliste
    Double mastectomy and tamoxifen
    Is Tamoxifen really needed after a double mastectomy for stage 0, low-grade DCIS? My doctor has prescribed it, but I'm not really sure whether the benefits outweigh the risks in my case. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Violoncelliste- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  4. link Karenheimann
    Tamoxifen pain meds, ovarian cysts, abdominal cramps, hot flashes, sonogram
    49 post surgery, chemo, radiation. Took it for only 2 and a half month, Initially had buzzing sensation in body, panic at night, increased hot flashes....and then it got worse, sever abdominal cramps...Doctor tokd me to take pain meds. I wen another - 59% more...
    Karenheimann- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  5. link Maryhazel_m
    Tamoxifen headaches, mom
    headaches and alleviated athrities pain for my mom
    Maryhazel_m- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  6. link Ponygirl335
    should I take it
    What should I expect from tamoxifen as a 42 year old premenopausal? I was diagnosed with ductal adenocarcinoma, too early to be staged and very small. I had a lumpectomy and node removal. Nodes were clear and margins were clear. No chemo, only radiat - 9% more...
    Ponygirl335- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  7. link Starlajgruenhagen
    Tamoxifen mouth tongue, hot flashes
    Other than the hot flashes, I have burning in my mouth, (tongue mostly), and vaginal burning.
    Starlajgruenhagen- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  8. link Pfuhst
    does tamoxifen give you hives
    I am on tamoxifen since april and I have hives? Is this from this drug?
    Pfuhst- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  9. link Mandyelise10
    Tamoxifen two and a half years, physical therapist, crys, two and a half, literally
    this is for my mother, im VERY worried about her. she has HORRIBLE leg pains that come on all of a sudden, it hurts her so bad she literally crys. Her back bothers her alot so she was sent to a physical therapist, she has depression also. the doctor - 50% more...
    Mandyelise10- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  10. link Alberta19132002
    Tamoxifen eyelids, lips
    to see if dryness over t he eyelids and around the lips are from the use of tamoxifen or something else
    Alberta19132002- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  11. link Mspeters
    Tamoxifen left eye
    After 3 years of being on this drug, my mother went blind in her left eye...she has been blind in it for 3 years now. her doctor says that it was due to the drug
    Mspeters- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  12. link Cscb
    Tamoxifen third world countries, eye dryness, she wakes, anything i can do, she lives
    My mother has talked about her experience with Tamoxifen and she is miserable, I feel that I have to do something for her. She lives in Scotland and of course their treatment is about as good as third world countries. She called me from overseas aski - 56% more...
    Cscb- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen
  13. link Gwynpacheco
    Tamoxifen tamoxafin, bedtime, nausea, six months
    Gwynpacheco- over a year ago - in Tamoxifen