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  1. link Arla
    low blood pressure
    What can I do if my blood pressure is 100 over 55 while taking tarka 4 240 mg????
    Arla- over a year ago - in Tarka
  2. link Winsomejoy
    Tarka chest pressure
    chest pressure and severe caughs for the past 2-3 weeks now.
    Winsomejoy- over a year ago - in Tarka
  3. link Dmk09
    My husband has recently been perscribed Tarka and I would like to know what side effects it may have and if its ok to eat grapefruit. I just read in a - 41% more...
    Dmk09- over a year ago - in Tarka
  4. link Jlmayo
    Tarka medication, knowing
    I am interested in knowing side effects for this drug before I take this medication.
    Jlmayo- over a year ago - in Tarka
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