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  1. link Nsmith55
    Taxotere blood clots, flip flops, proved negative
    Have extreme swelling of left leg from ankle to above knee. It is so bad that I can only wear flip flops. This ankle was injured in May and taxotere w - 61% more...
    Nsmith55- over a year ago - in Taxotere
  2. link Xray
    Taxotere red face, face pain, pain when swallowing, fatigue, nails
    very red face. pain when swallowing. fatigue. nails crumbling. delayed (week or so) reaction with these except for red face which was right away but l - 15% more...
    Xray- over a year ago - in Taxotere
  3. link Kfmburch
    Taxotere hard skin, excessive tearing, fungus, nails, airconditioned room
    Under the nails there is a second layer of thick hard skin.It it like a second nail splitting.On my toe it seems to be turning in forming an ingrown l - 56% more...
    Kfmburch- over a year ago - in Taxotere
  4. link Istockdale
    Taxotere shed some light, difficulty walking, joint pain, ankles
    had one treatment of taxotere at end of march, 2003 and had such severe reactions, i discontinued use. Now I have severe joint pain in legs and ankles - 44% more...
    Istockdale- over a year ago - in Taxotere
  5. link
    Taxotere migraine, headaches
    Really bad migraine type headaches over a year ago - in Taxotere
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