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  1. link Chesterpoo
    Temazepam benzo withdrawal, ringing in my ears, gi problems, cold turkey, vision changes
    Took 15 mg every night for past year. Noticed that 15 mg was no longer effective, Experimented with 30mg which was effective. Did that for few days un - 81% more...
    Chesterpoo- over a year ago - in Temazepam
  2. link Stannolan
    Temazepam max dose, mg dose, aids, sleep
    Another one of many sleep aids prescribed to me it did not work at all 15 mg dose I asked my doctor if I should try two he said two was max dose and t - 36% more...
    Stannolan- over a year ago - in Temazepam
  3. link Franciscor
    Temazepam lap top, sleeping pill, insomnia, ambien, appetite
    I was first placed on 5mg and that didn't work to put me to sleep so the doctor increased it to 15mg and it worked great for the first month. I'd get - 86% more...
    Franciscor- over a year ago - in Temazepam
  4. link Judeat43
    temazapam overdose
    Is it true that by taking 3600mg with alcohol will cause death
    Judeat43- over a year ago - in Temazepam
  5. link Wjodwyer
    Temazepam temazapam, enlarged prostate, diabeties, harmful ingredients, early breakfast
    What are the ingredients of Temazapam? I have enlarged prostate. I am 86 years old with Type II diabeties. I use 15mg before retiring each night. Upon - 80% more...
    Wjodwyer- over a year ago - in Temazepam
  6. link Quenouille
    Next day nausea...and goes away after a few hours in the morning.
    Quenouille- over a year ago - in Temazepam
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