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  1. link Emma57
    Tenormin high blood preasure, ive been, border line, node
    i was put on tenormin in 1988 for av node block and border line high blood preasure.started off taking 25mg a day .now im taking 50mg two times a day. - 52% more...
    Emma57- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  2. link Mamabear33
    Imprint Ranbaxy's generic 50 mg atenolol
    Is the imprint on 50 mg atenolol made by Ranbaxy RE 20?
    Mamabear33- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  3. link Tdjk
    Tenormin slow heart rate, racing heart, low blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, cold hands and feet
    I have been on Atenolol (only 12 mg a day) half a pill, for 4 months now. I have had dizziness most of the time, ice cold hands and feet, numb feeling - 76% more...
    Tdjk- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Tenormin
  4. link Kpats2003
    Tenormin blood pressure medication, high blood pressure, high blood pressure medication, hair loss
    HAIR LOSS IS AWFUL. tired all the time, I want another high blood pressure medication I am almost bald. This is awful
    Kpats2003- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  5. link Rick_gillette
    Tenormin atenolol tenormin, spasmodic dysphonia, speech therapy, atenlol, throat doctor
    I was on Atenolol (Tenormin) since June 1998. Ever so gradually, I began to lose my voice to the point that I was sent to speech therapy after being d - 75% more...
    Rick_gillette- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  6. link Ddesj74
    Tenormin gold feet, tingling hands
    Went on in three month agao, hands always gold,, feet tingling, hands tingling and tired all the time, gotta off it 3 days ago, starting to feel like - 6% more...
    Ddesj74- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  7. link Tinafoley
    Tenormin pain discomfort, chest pain, cardiologist
    I have been on tenormin for about 2 months now. About a week ago I started experiencing mild chest pain/discomfort when I walk. My cardiologist says t - 29% more...
    Tinafoley- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  8. link Gdsa
    Tenormin i am tired, time sensitive
    Have been on Tenormin for almost 2 months, I am tired ALL of the time, sensitive to heat, and feel like I'm in a coma!
    Gdsa- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  9. link Lnelljones
    makes me sleepy all day. is this a side effect.?
    Lnelljones- over a year ago - in Tenormin
  10. link Hgk1
    Tenormin going to sleep, ankles
    have been taking tenormin for 2 months been having trouble with feet tingling and feeling warm even ankles hurting, also arm going to sleep. had none - 22% more...
    Hgk1- over a year ago - in Tenormin
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