Thyrox T-3 is an all natural, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement from Absolute Nutrition.

It is specially formulated to help you reach your fat loss goals when combined with diet and exercise. The active ingredients in THYROX T-3 increase the rate of conversion of T-4, the low activity hormone, to T-3, the high activity hormone. This may cause an increase in basal metabolic rate, or BMR, which are the number of calories one burns at rest. This is accomplished without the use of stimulants.


Thyrox Discussions

  1. link Geetanjalimayur
    Available in Seattle, Washington?
    Is the brand available in Seattle, Washington? Am in urgent need of the tablets.
    Geetanjalimayur- over a year ago - in Thyrox
  2. link Prembysani
    Thyrox hair fall, medicine
    Sudden Hair Fall after taking this medicine
    Prembysani- over a year ago - in Thyrox
  3. link Hdave_25
    tsh level 15.75
    My age is 24, married. My recently blood test shows me my Tsh level is 15.75. So i want to know that is it effects if i m going to plan to have baby? - 28% more...
    Hdave_25- over a year ago - in Thyrox
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