Tikosyn Side Effects

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  1. link Lucywaldo
    I have been recently prescribed tikosyn. Would it be unusual for the cardiologist to d/c you from hospital and refer you to primary care physician immediately? Cardiologist will follow in 2-3 months
    Lucywaldo- over a year ago - in Tikosyn
  2. link Tci2268
    Tikosyn headache
    a slight headache not pounding but there not all day either
    Tci2268- over a year ago - in Tikosyn
  3. link Mabeenurse
    Tikosyn new med
    I was looking for information to share with my staff regarding this new med.
    Mabeenurse- over a year ago - in Tikosyn
  4. link Masterarcher
    I'm going into the hopital because the Doctor told me I had to be monitored while they start me on Tikosyn. I don't know much of this new medication, but I would like some feedback. At the present I'm on Rythmol 300 twice daily, but the cardialogist - 42% more...
    Masterarcher- over a year ago - in Tikosyn