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  1. link Dizzy10_94
    blurred vision
    I have been treated for an eye infection for 8 weeks, the first 4 weeks we tried a sulfacetamide sodium and prednisolone sodium phosphate with some re - 77% more...
    Dizzy10_94- over a year ago - in Tobradex
  2. link Rcfgunkle
    Tobradex muscle pain, medication, ibuprofen
    I experienced severe muscle pain in my shoulder and upper arms after using Tobradex for several days. I stopped the medication and the pain subsided. - 60% more...
    Rcfgunkle- over a year ago - in Tobradex
  3. link Borny
    Tobradex light skin, upper chest, left eye, sunburn, 3x
    I began to experience upper body itching (arms, back, and upper chest after taking TobraDex drops for two days. (perscription was for left eye, 3x per - 71% more...
    Borny- over a year ago - in Tobradex
  4. link Janicej11
    Irritation to the cornea from Acuvue Oasys
    My doctor prescribed Tobradex drops to help with the inflammation and help the cornea to heal. I took my first dose today, but have been very leary of - 40% more...
    Janicej11- over a year ago - in Tobradex
  5. link Georgeclawson
    Tobradex mood swings, eye infection, light headedness, dexamethasone, unexplained
    My eye infection has gotten a little red. I experienced light headedness along with mood swings. I'm not sure if I was reacting to the dexamethasone b - 27% more...
    Georgeclawson- over a year ago - in Tobradex
  6. link Vzeeb4h91
    Tobradex swollen eyelids, patanol, artificial tears, optometrist
    My eyelids are swollen all the time and my eye waters all day long. I now have to use artificial tears...when I went to the optometrist all I had was - 64% more...
    Vzeeb4h91- over a year ago - in Tobradex
  7. link Micro
    Tobradex double vision
    Not sure but have experience double vision
    Micro- over a year ago - in Tobradex
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