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  1. link Jat_738
    Niaspan ER niacin, weep, jt, maximize, alka seltzer
    After taking Niacin for several years, I have the itching problem and my legs started to weep. Has this happened to anyone else? Eating beef seems to maximize the itching. JT
    Jat_738- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  2. link Lucky1_555
    Not a big deal. ~90% of ALL patients can tolerate niacin 1-2 gms/day,.. IF,.. the prescriber knows a few tricks. Dr. Wm. Castelli , he uses plain ole crystalline niacin AND Niaspan. 40 years ago, ALL they had was IR-Immediate Release aka plain ole cr - 76% more...
    Lucky1_555- over a year ago
  3. link Roy547
    Niaspan ER 3g, niaspan, yoghurt, snack, berkeley
    I have been taking 3g daily for 6 years. Dosage was ramped up 500mg a month to reach that level. I've had to stop several times for surgery but was able to go back to 3g without ramping. I usually have little or no trouble. I vote for non-fat yoghurt - 35% more...
    Roy547- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  4. link Lucky1_555
    Berkeley is THE gold-standard in risk testing. Applesauce is the best overall,.. the high-fiber is more important vs low-fat to help reduce the flushing.
    Lucky1_555- over a year ago
  5. link Smurble
    Niaspan ER niaspan, drinking alcohol, lower your cholesterol, triglycerides, eating fatty foods
    I have been taking 1g Niaspan for about 2 years for cholesterol. Here are the things that I have found that increase or decrease side effects: 1. Taking an 81mg asprin 30 min before reduces flush. 350mg doesn't do any better than 81mg. 2. Energetic e - 71% more...
    Smurble- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  6. link Lucky1_555
    Wash down with one ALKA-SELTZER in a small glass of water. Best & oldest system for most people.
    Lucky1_555- over a year ago
  7. link Ventureman
    Niaspan and soreness in tendons behind knee and down into calfs...
    I have been taking 3000 mg a day of Niaspan for the last 1.5 years and is great stuff. However, I have recently started feeling soreness in tendons behind knee and down into calfs. Has anyenoe else experianced this...? I have not found any documented - 28% more...
    Ventureman- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  8. link Algrh
    niaspan in half
    is it okay to break niaspan in half in order to take 500 mg
    Algrh- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  9. link Mmacdo
    Flushing or red face and dry skin in same area
    I been taking niaspan for 3 years at 1500 mg and 325 asprin and the flushing drives me crazy, i look like a booze bag. What can i do to reduces this. MTM
    Mmacdo- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  10. link Ebonicelli
    Niaspan ER cholesterol lowering drugs, heart attack victims, swelling of feet and ankles, statins, niaspan
    The flushing didn't start for me until after I'd been taking it a couple of weeks, and seems to be getting worse. I am also experiencing bad swelling of feet and ankles. Muscles in back of my thighs are very sore, just like they got when I was put on - 67% more...
    Ebonicelli- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  11. link Rylis
    Niaspan ER ask a nurse, poison control, nurse line, severe itching, niaspan
    OMG! Tonight is my second night on Niaspan. I took the aspirin beforehand etc.. I am experiencing severe itching. I'm about to cut off my fingernails, I'm itching so badly. As I type, one foot is rubbing the other - I ITCH EVERYWHERE AND CAN'T KEEP F - 50% more...
    Rylis- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  12. link Breathejesus
    want to know what it is for ?
    Breathejesus- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  13. link Igard2
    Niaspan ER rash on, niaspan, alka seltzer, niacin, seltzer tablet
    Iam taking 500 mg only - today I awoke with terrible red rash on upper left leg and lower right - - does NOT itch or burn - just there - has ANYONE had a rash while taking niaspan??? need answers!
    Igard2- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  14. link Peety
    Niaspan ER niaspan, combination, alka seltzer, niacin, seltzer tablet
    I take 325mg before going to bed and I take 2000mg of Niaspan. I also each a small bowl of Total cereal. This combination seems to really help because I used to get terrible flushing and itching but haven't since adding the bowl of Total at night.
    Peety- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  15. link Doctorpatg
    Niaspan ER niacin flush, half hour, tile floors, paper towels, go to sleep
    I take my Niaspan at bedtime, having taken an 81 mg. asprin tablet about a half hour prior. I stil will awaken sometimes about 4-5 hours later and, well, if you're googling niacin flush, you know the rest. Then, because I HAVE to scratch, even though - 64% more...
    Doctorpatg- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Niaspan ER
  16. link Starz3956
    Niaspan ER
    Starz3956- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  17. link Bjdowden
    Niaspan ER low dose aspirin, apple juice, niaspan, low fat, snack
    I take 1500 mg. Niaspan about 1 1/2 to 2 hours before going to bed. My Dr. advised me to take it with apple juice. My low fat snack and low dose aspirin is 30 minutes prior to taking niaspan/apple juice. As long as I follow this routine there is very - 30% more...
    Bjdowden- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  18. link Peety
    Niaspan ER things considered, alka seltzer, niacin, seltzer tablet, aspirin
    At 2000mg I got such bad itching that I almost stopped taking it. I reduced my intake to 1500mg and al things considered, I won't be going back to 2000mg.
    Peety- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  19. link Bobby
    Niaspan ER forceful heartbeat, niaspan
    To the posting below. The side effects of niaspan are well documented. Rapid, forceful heartbeat is one of those side effects listed.
    Bobby- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  20. link Ashley841
    Niaspan ER rapid heart, heart beating, heart rate, niaspan 500mg, toprol
    Ashley841- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  21. link Revelca
    Niaspan ER aspa, alka seltzer, niacin, seltzer tablet, aspirin
    I have been taking Ni aspa n for 9 months now. My Dr. started me at 500 mg. after I mo. increased to 1OOO mg. then after 2 more mos. 1500 mg.
    Revelca- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  22. link Tjs49242
    Niaspan ER alergic reaction, niaspan, hdl, good cholesterol, benedril
    I am alright when I take 500mg of Niaspan at bed time but if I increase it to 1000 or as my Dr wants 1500, I have a severe reaction. It does not happen right away but about 4 hours after I take it. The itching is unbearable. I was told that over the - 73% more...
    Tjs49242- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niaspan ER
  23. link Anitatanner
    Niaspan ER niaspan, calgon
    I've been taking Niaspan for about 1 month now. Last night I experienced severe burning and itching so bad I had to take a Calgon bath in order to alleviate the itching. It finally stopped but now I am afraid to continue taking it. Any similar situat - 21% more...
    Anitatanner- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  24. link Bkjh3713
    Niaspan ER
    do not have to much trouble just some flushing.
    Bkjh3713- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER
  25. link Barnesrus
    Niaspan ER heartbeat
    Flushing, burning, itching, racing heartbeat, diahiria
    Barnesrus- over a year ago - in Niaspan ER