Paxil Side Effects

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  1. link Jfox8
    Paxil nightmare
    I am finally weened from this nightmare drug.... It only enhanced my problems. I am happy to be back to normal(my normal)and normal wasn't that bad. Doctors are too quick to prescribed the hot sellers. I should have been prescribed pshycotherapy.
    Jfox8- over a year ago - in Paxil
  2. link Poodles42
    have lost alot of weigh since i have been on this.
    Poodles42- over a year ago - in Paxil
  3. link Pammy
    Paxil difficulty sleeping, weight gain
    difficulty sleeping, and weight gain
    Pammy- over a year ago - in Paxil
  4. link Guest204
    Paxil difficulty concentrating, drowsiness, vertigo, depression, insomnia
    trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, drowsiness while on the medicine. Since I have come off of it I have trouble sleeping, confusion, more depression than before I started taking it, and severe episodes of vertigo.
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Paxil
  5. link Zeekstrophy
    Paxil trouble breathing, insomnia
    Trouble breathing, heavy in the chest and trouble sleeping
    Zeekstrophy- over a year ago - in Paxil
  6. link Diamond
    Paxil adrenaline
    still adjusting to med. curr on 5 mg and sometimes feel that my adrenaline is too much. Not sure if I want to stay on. Have been taking for 1 month.
    Diamond- over a year ago - in Paxil
  7. link Diamond
    diffficulty sleeping
    Diamond- over a year ago - in Paxil