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  1. link Teetee64
    Macrobid liver enzymes, penicillin, uti, ob gyn, insomnia
    THIS STUFF IS TOXIC! Was prescribed by my OB/GYN for UTI. Took 1st dose on Tues nite, then again next morning with food, etc - by that afternoon, I could not get up out of the chair and began running temp of 102F. I had no symptoms before starting th - 77% more...
    Teetee64- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  2. link Borgtown
    Macrobid racing heart, resting pulse, tuesday morning, heart rate, hard time
    I had a terrible experience with Macrobid. Be sure to read the side effects! I started taking Macrobid on Saturday and immediately felt weak with no energy. By Monday night I was having a hard time breathing deeply. On Tuesday morning I experienced a - 36% more...
    Borgtown- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  3. link Liv1212
    Macrobid backache, morning sickness, nausea, headache, low grade fever
    I have been taking this drug for almost 4 days, 2x a day at 100mg, i have UTI too, i have been feeling weak, terrible headache, nausea, backache and my eyes would be sore. i just don't think this drug is useful at all. And im 3 months pregnant, my mo - 37% more...
    Liv1212- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  4. link Lcmama
    Macrobid implantation, antibiotic, uti, birth control, medication
    LOL - I just started taking this med and was starting to think I'm pregnant (which would NOT be good!). Nausea, slight burning in abdominal area (like implantation) and headache, heartburn. I have to say I'm kinda relieved it's just this medication!! - 32% more...
    Lcmama- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  5. link Lovecje
    Macrobid crappy christmas, morning christmas, christmas eve, christmas day, three kids
    Lucky me- I started MACROBID Christmas eve for a UTI. I have never taken it before and felt nausea that night then the next morning (CHRISTMAS!) when I woke up I felt like I had been out drinking the night before. I had the worst hangover-like headac - 65% more...
    Lovecje- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Macrobid
  6. link Lovecje
    typo error by myself- I typed "I was tied all day" and I meant "Tired!" all day
    Lovecje- over a year ago
  7. link Dlgibison
    Macrobid blisters on hands, liver function, allergic reaction, organs, blood pressure
    Have been to the ER twice - both times on death's door. Blood pressure dropped dangerously low so I ended up in ICU both times. Liver function was elevated. Blisters on hands and face. Can't sleep at night. Feel exhausted. Got so sick that all major - 39% more...
    Dlgibison- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  8. link Debbie9
    Macrobid charcot marie tooth, wallet size card, postural tremor, expereince, degenerative disease
    I just received my Patient Medical Alert card from the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association. It is a wallet size card for me to carry with me that list drugs that have or possibly have severe side affects for people with CMT. Seeing MACROBID on it reminde - 85% more...
    Debbie9- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Macrobid
  9. link Aturnerlloyd2615
    Took macrodbid for a UTI on Nov 4th. My symtoms are severe neuropathy in both hands and feet. Pain starting through body and I have been off the meds for for two weeks. Running to primary care for help!
    Aturnerlloyd2615- over a year ago
  10. link Debbie9
    Thank you for letting me know that I may have been a help. It was only by chance, that I saw this site and put my posing on it. The address for the CMTA is I don't know where you live, but there are Support Groups all over for CMT suffe - 52% more...
    Debbie9- over a year ago
  11. link Auntpeggy
    wow! thank you. i have cmt also and never knew that. i will also get a medical alert card.....just think you may have just saved my life!
    Auntpeggy- over a year ago
  12. link Qwqwqwqw1
    can macrobid make pregnancy test read wrong?
    can this medication make your pregnancy test read wrong ?
    Qwqwqwqw1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Macrobid
  13. link Aryelle
    are you trying to get pregnant?? or think you are? do you think that if you are taking this medication that it could ruin your chance of becoming pregnant if you already not?
    Aryelle- over a year ago
  14. link Didkspad
    Macrobid headaches and dizziness, diarrhea, diareah, macrobid, nausea
    This drug causes nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. Even though I stopped taking it, I have headaches and dizziness. It's terrible!!!!
    Didkspad- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Macrobid
  15. link Andie
    I've been on macrobid for 10 days now. today is the last day. I have had severe diareah and nausea for 4 days now. Is this common?
    Andie- over a year ago
  16. link Tmonster
    currently talking macrobid
    will macrobid cause a positive reading on a preemployment drug screen?
    Tmonster- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  17. link Bripai
    Macrobid dr appt, excessive vaginal discharge
    After Cystoscopy Rx Macrobid for 2months almost done 1 month and have started to get itchy, depressed, exhausted, dry or excessive vaginal discharge. Recently had IUD removed after 4yrs not sure if symptoms are related to my body returning to normal - 19% more...
    Bripai- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  18. link Paritson
    Macrobid liver functions, bladder infection, mg tablets, blood tests, top of my head
    After taking only 2 100 mg. tablets, I had a fever of 103, body aches and nausea. I attributed this to the bladder infection and continued the medication. After 5 tablets, I began to itch from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and stopped t - 41% more...
    Paritson- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  19. link Pattie333
    Macrobid horrible drug, fever
    I took Macrobid about two years ago, and within five hours I spiked a fever of 102. Felt terrible all day. I tried taking it again this week & the very same thing happened. This time my fever was 104. I will never take this horrible drug again
    Pattie333- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  20. link Rhonie920
    Macrobid lymph nodes, uti, antibiotic, next morning, nausea
    Macrobid was the 3rd antibiotic I was prescribed for a UTI because the side effects of the others were so bad. Took 1 pill in the p.m., woke the next morning with the worst nausea and pain in my neck and shoulders. By the end of the day my lymph node - 32% more...
    Rhonie920- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  21. link Marionm
    Macrobid uti, monday night, friday night
    I am taking Macrobid and feel just fine. I started taking it on Friday night after visiting the doctor for a UTI. It's Monday night and I feel good apart from some vaginal spotting.
    Marionm- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  22. link Mab
    Macrobid side effects
    My wife took macrobid for 3 days and has now had serious nervous system damage causing weakness, burning skin and chills for 8 weeks. After 7 ER visits and an overnight stay with numerous tests, all we have is we don't know what to do. Has anyone had - 20% more...
    Mab- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Macrobid
  23. link Awillis123
    Macrobid liver levels, blood test results, perfect sense, triage, hepatitis
    I took one pill and ended up in ER with pain so bad through chest, back and stomach that I could not move. My liver levels were off the chart (10X higher than norm), causing my doc to call on Monday after she got the ER triage report. nobody believed - 65% more...
    Awillis123- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  24. link Prophet
    Macrobid swollen glands, alson, muscle pain, pills, medication
    this medication should never have been approved by the FDA. Along with the symptoms I've read about on this site, I also had swollen glands behind my ear, severe muscle pain, was so tired, it took every bit of energy just to get up and walk to the ba - 16% more...
    Prophet- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  25. link Deliz
    Macrobid d mannose, baking soda, andrographis, uti
    just started yesterday-and im going to stop-don't feel well at all on this stuff-weak,weird,sick,got a bitter mouth.,and im supposed to be on this a month!ive felt so woozy and lousy on this!-i once cleared up a uti with grapefruit seed extract,d-man - 28% more...
    Deliz- over a year ago - in Macrobid
  26. link Chefnettie
    Macrobid coughing mucus, extreme body, immediate care, flu like symptoms, hives
    I was prescribed Macrobid for a UTI I didn't even know I had. I toke my first dose on Sunday night, and woke up with severe flu like symptoms. I never call out sick at work. (once in 10 years) To day is Tuesday and I still feel so bad, extreme body a - 51% more...
    Chefnettie- over a year ago - in Macrobid