Trental Side Effects

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  1. link Reruho
    Trental horrible taste, pain meds, blood vessels, chronic pain, medication
    I am very pleased with the overall effect. I have vasoconstrition problems (blood vessels spasming) from my CRPS (chronic pain condition). My arm would get freezing cold and then the pain was unbearable. Within a week of starting this medication, I w - 41% more...
    Reruho- over a year ago - in Trental
  2. link Bcriss
    whats the classification for trental?
    Bcriss- over a year ago - in Trental
  3. link Abcrvo
    Dosage times and side affects
    I've been using Trental for eight months, 400 mg, 3 times per day for partial CRVO, with collateral flow. Seems to be helping quite a bit. Also, seems to help keep scalp blood vessels from swelling, keeping migraines low. I seem to be doing well on T - 77% more...
    Abcrvo- over a year ago - in Trental