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  1. link Scottdutcher
    Triamcinolone and Normal Saline mixture
    My Dermatologist used to inject my pimples with Triamcinolone and Normal Saline. Would you you know what concentration mg/mL is usually used?
    Scottdutcher- over a year ago - in Triamcinolone
  2. link Dedala
    Triamcinolone triamcinolone acetonide, skin infection, new hair, kenalog, orally
    I had a skin infection on my head. The M.D. gave me a shot for the infection, Kenalog orally for several days, and triamcinolone acetonide lotion for - 55% more...
    Dedala- over a year ago - in Triamcinolone
  3. link Anita4172000
    triamcinolone acetonide
    my children have little bumps on their skin that resembles a pimple. My pediatrician said they from the wart family and they are contagious. he also s - 48% more...
    Anita4172000- over a year ago - in Triamcinolone
  4. link Stoney242
    Triacet Cream
    What is this drug commonly prescribed for?
    Stoney242- over a year ago - in Triamcinolone
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