Triquilar 28 Side Effects

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  1. link Labgirl06
    White pills
    If you miss your white pills at the end of the pack, will you skip your period for that specific time?
    Labgirl06- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Triquilar 28
  2. link Labgirl06
    triquilar 28
    Labgirl06- over a year ago
  3. link Kimross
    what kind of pill is this 44175
    Kimross- over a year ago
  4. link Shortiiee
    How Actuate is my brith control
    How Actuate is Triquilar 28?
    Shortiiee- over a year ago - in Triquilar 28
  5. link Jnr140
    Wrong pill on the wrong night
    Hello! I just switched from Yasmin to Triquilar 28. I was really tired tonight, and was supposed to take day 6 of my birth control. After taking the pill, I realized I took day 27 instead of day 6 on accident! What should I do? How will this affect m - 4% more...
    Jnr140- over a year ago - in Triquilar 28
  6. link Bridgetjones
    I have a question about Triquilar28, when should I start my first pack?
    Bridgetjones- over a year ago - in Triquilar 28
  7. link Ahmazingmaddie
    Started Late
    The first time I had sexual intercourse, I was on my period, about five days in. On the last day of my period, (a Monday) I went to my doctor to ask for birth control, and he prescribed me Triquilar 28. He told me to start taking the pills immediatel - 60% more...
    Ahmazingmaddie- over a year ago - in Triquilar 28