Twins, Triplets, Multiple Births

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If you are pregnant with more than one baby, you are far from alone. Multiple births are way up in the United States. Why? More women are having babies after age 30 and more are taking fertility drugs. Both boost the chance of carrying more than one baby. A family history of twins also makes multiples more likely. Years ago, most twins came as a surprise. Now, most women know about a multiple pregnancy early. They should see their health care providers more often than women who are expecting one baby because multiple pregnancies need to be monitored more closely. Multiple pregnancy babies have a much higher risk of being born prematurely . Some women have to go on bed rest to delay labor. Finally, they may deliver by C-section , especially if there are three babies or more. Once babies are home, moms may feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Volunteer help and support groups for parents of multiples can ease the transition.