ULTRAM® ER is a 24-hour prescription medication approved by the FDA for the management of moderate to moderately severe chronic pain in adults who need around-the-clock treatment of their pain for an extended period of time.

ULTRAM® ER is made with Smartcoat™ technology, which steadily releases pain medication throughout your day. So you only have to take it once every 24 hours to help treat your chronic pain.

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Ultram ER Discussions

  1. link Maleren2010
    Tramadol HCL 50 MG Tablets (Ultram)
    I've had this prescription since June of 2007. The bottle says to dispose of it after June of 2008. This is now Feb of 2010. Should I dispose fo the d - 73% more...
    Maleren2010- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  2. link James061
    Ultram and hepatitis C
    My brother who is a 2 time cancer survivor gives me 2 of his tramadol once or twice a week because I have a lot of joint and muscle pain. I just found - 53% more...
    James061- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  3. link Musician12858
    Ultram ER generic??
    I saw one site that mentioned Ultram ER 200 mg pills available as a generic. It was called Tramadol which I know is the drug in Ultram. Is there actua - 50% more...
    Musician12858- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  4. link Shashauna
    Ultram and Alcohol.
    I was just prescribed Ultram 200 today. Does this mean my days as a social drinker are over? What is the harm in drinking with this medication? Is the - 32% more...
    Shashauna- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  5. link Jbg18
    constipation and urinary retardation
    I am getting significant pain relief with Ultram ER 200 mgs but I am noticing urinary retention and constipation. Will these side effects subside in t - 17% more...
    Jbg18- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  6. link Cheryl327
    how much do I actually get?
    I just started taking Ultram ER 200mg. When I receive a dose, how much am I actually getting at a time? I know it can't be 200mg. I was taking the 50m - 40% more...
    Cheryl327- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  7. link Agenesis3
    Ultram ER time in my life, severe back pain, vomiting, dizziness, nausea
    I just use Ultram er 200m one time in my life, last night for my back pain ,I am very happy because the severe back pain I had getaway, but now since - 64% more...
    Agenesis3- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  8. link Somethin_wicked
    expiration date
    I recently moved and got insurance again and my current doctor prescribed tramadol for my back pain which I just discovered is generic Ultram ER. The - 47% more...
    Somethin_wicked- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  9. link Draper
    Nuerologist states it is one of the BEST medications for the pain I am having
    I take several (at least 13) medications. My Neurologist said that the ones I was on would NOT interfere with the Ultram ER....well, according to my P - 84% more...
    Draper- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
  10. link Bluchrg
    drug screening
    will ultram test positive for morphine
    Bluchrg- over a year ago - in Ultram ER
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