Ultram Side Effects

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  1. link Wendim
    is ultram like percocet
    My doctor took me off percocet and put me on Ultram (tramadol hcl) 50mg. Is ultram like percocet? Will it have the same effect?
    Wendim- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ultram
  2. link Staypositive
    does ultram have tylenol in them?
    Staypositive- over a year ago
  3. link Joker254k
    Ultram bad tooth
    I was put on tramadol 45mg and for bad tooth for the pain well I had to get rite off it because it was making me feel tired all the time and have mental cloudiness I could not concentrate and I believe it is still affecting me after 1 week of being o - 29% more...
    Joker254k- over a year ago - in Ultram
  4. link Babyblue3
    Moraphine Allergy
    Can you take Ultram if you are allergic to morphine but you are not allergic to propoxyphene?
    Babyblue3- over a year ago - in Ultram
  5. link Corider80
    sould i be worried
    grandmother accidentally took 5 50mg tabs of ultram this morning. 93 years old and about 90 lbs
    Corider80- over a year ago - in Ultram
  6. link Shamrock
    Ultram chronic back and neck pain, back and neck pain, twitch, vicodin, legs
    I was prescribed Ultram for chronic back and neck pain because I had been on Vicodin for a long time but did not want to be on a strong narcotic long-term. Ultram is effective, but i have been on it almost a year and if I run out and don't happen to - 40% more...
    Shamrock- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ultram
  7. link Kaleestreasures
    I twitch on and off with this stuff but it is the only pain medication I can take that is not a narcotic and stops some of the fibro pain.
    Kaleestreasures- over a year ago
  8. link Questorb
    Ultram arms and legs, motrin, six days, doctors, sleep
    Drove 500 miles from home...forgot to renew my ultram. Doctor would not renew without me coming in (have taken it for over two years). After 3 days could not sleep, my arms and legs would jerk uncontrollably, I wanted to cut them off. After six days - 50% more...
    Questorb- over a year ago - in Ultram
  9. link Susan225
    Ultram meloxicam, arthritis
    This is effective for arthritis. Works better than anything else with Meloxicam.
    Susan225- over a year ago - in Ultram
  10. link Nancylouise
    Ultram blood pressure medications, extreme fatigue, antidepressants, headaches
    Ultram was prescribed for me for "chronic every day headaches". It has been effective. I have been on antidepressants and I am usually unable to function on them. I experience extreme fatigue. The Ultram helps me to function and to be more - 57% more...
    Nancylouise- over a year ago - in Ultram
  11. link Sexyrockandrollrider
    Ultram constipation, ultram
    It makes me feel like I'm drunk. I get all hyper and start cleaning stuff and I'm the nicest person to everyone even if their my enemy.
    Sexyrockandrollrider- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ultram
  12. link Cassandrab
    i have been on ultram for about 5 years and it does make u calmer and gives you that burst of energy the only problem i have had with it is constipation i love this drug, I can even take less at times
    Cassandrab- over a year ago
  13. link Mgvititoe1
    Compared to Vicodin
    How does Ultram compare to Vicodin? Is it equally as effective? Is Vicodin stronger or the same? Side effects comparison? Which one is more effective?
    Mgvititoe1- over a year ago - in Ultram
  14. link Avonrep
    Ultram ultram er, wheeler accident, 4 wheeler, norco, drs
    I was in a 4 wheeler accident and fractured my shoulder, I'm having problems with drs, but my prim. care Phys. put me on ULTRAM ER 100MG if I take 1 during the day and 1 at night along with the Norco 10/325 it works really well. I have chemical damag - 25% more...
    Avonrep- over a year ago - in Ultram
  15. link Shelleydavis
    Ultram leg cramps, emotional distress, lack of concentration, interrupted sleep, minor relief
    Interrupted sleep,hyper,severe leg cramps, blurred vision, lack of concentration, emotional distress. Only minor relief for back & leg pain.
    Shelleydavis- over a year ago - in Ultram
  16. link Purr_teee
    Ultram ty, ultracet, back pain, hangover, tiredness
    2 pesons I know are taking Ultram.BOTH are experiencing SAME side effect........a hangover effect & tiredness while on it. One has excruciating back pain & the other has cervical & lumbar problems from an accident.TY The Ultracet however - 21% more...
    Purr_teee- over a year ago - in Ultram
  17. link Clpresne
    Ultram makes me have no appetite, and very mean, and short with people. It's not my favorite!
    Clpresne- over a year ago - in Ultram
  18. link Cknbee
    Ultram weakness
    Severe nausea and weakness that lasted for several days after I stopped taking it.
    Cknbee- over a year ago - in Ultram
  19. link Anon
    Ultram tramadol ultram, ssri, years of my life, depression
    NONE 3 years 200 mg/Day - For Depression - SSRI DIDN'T WORK! Tried many then found article about SSRI activity in tramadol/Ultram - DR. agreed to try- most productive 3 years of my life-
    Anon- over a year ago - in Ultram
  20. link Plumbcrazy
    Ultram coughing up blood, irregular periods, nose bleeds, dizziness
    irregular periods,sudden nose bleeds, vomitig or coughing up blood,dizziness,coughing,stomach bleeding.
    Plumbcrazy- over a year ago - in Ultram
  21. link Guest204
    ultram side affects
    have ahd sore musles
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Ultram
  22. link Cgobet
    Side affects of ultram and long term use.
    Cgobet- over a year ago - in Ultram
  23. link Sandraer7
    ultram side effects
    My husband has taken this for years at four or more 50mg.s a day What is an acceptable length of time to continue taking this medication and what are the possible side effects?
    Sandraer7- over a year ago - in Ultram
  24. link Jackiejackiej60
    i have three different sizes and shapes of ultrams. 2 are very similar (long and skinny), but one is much smaller than the other. the other is larger and oval shaped. i was wondering if these are different milligrams, different brands, or...?
    Jackiejackiej60- over a year ago - in Ultram