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  1. link Adrodny
    Uniretic aching feet, arthritis, toes, medication
    swollen and aching feet ,on the top at the base of the middle toes. It was the only medication I was taking at the time, and I am quite sure it was no - 29% more...
    Adrodny- over a year ago - in Uniretic
  2. link Kathleen794
    Uniretic hoarse throat, chicken bone, reflux, allergies
    It is questionable as to whether the condition is related to reflux, allergies, or side effects. I have had a hoarse throat, coughing like I have a ch - 35% more...
    Kathleen794- over a year ago - in Uniretic
  3. link Nancy.samm
    Uniretic upper chest, rash
    Very itchy welpy rash over arms, legs, back and upper chest.
    Nancy.samm- over a year ago - in Uniretic
  4. link Gayleandronclark
    Uniretic gynecological
    What are the gynecological side effects?
    Gayleandronclark- over a year ago - in Uniretic
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