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  1. link Lamen400
    Does Urso come from bears?
    I have been prescribed Urso, but don't want to take it if there is a chance that bears have been used in its manufacture. How can I be sure that my pi - 18% more...
    Lamen400- over a year ago - in Urso
  2. link Leftend
    alternative drrug
    is there an alternative for the drug usro forte?
    Leftend- over a year ago - in Urso
  3. link Drgcorella
    Urso skin irritation
    Skin irritation, dryness, and itching
    Drgcorella- over a year ago - in Urso
  4. link Angelcakes0339
    Urso bilirubin levels, fatty liver, xanex, zantac, metal taste
    Since using Urso my bilirubin levels have increased from 1.5 to 2 in 4 months I also keep a metal taste in the mouth and get nausea at times I also ta - 47% more...
    Angelcakes0339- over a year ago - in Urso
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