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  1. link Amberjane
    whats happening to my face
    i had a itcy face ( a rash ) but now i am left with a sharp skin on my face which is really uncomfortable at times its really upsetting me im only 15 - 12% more...
    Amberjane- over a year ago - in Alprazolam
  2. link Erica73
    little stressed
    I am a little or a lot stressed out. My Dr. prescribed me Xanax I took the generic brand. Why Alprazolam? Why not something like klonopin?
    Erica73- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Alprazolam
  3. link Amberjane
    instead of takeing drugs sit back and think what cauesing the stress in the first place
    Amberjane- over a year ago