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  1. link Appleleena
    Bactrim chills, roommate
    Can't even believe I forgot another side effect-- major, major chills followed by sweating. Where I was shivering so hard my roommate got worried.
    Appleleena- over a year ago - in Bactrim
  2. link Geri317
    Bactrim Dosage
    Would short term use of Bactrim (3 days 2x a day) be effective for UTI instead of taking it for 14 long days?
    Geri317- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Bactrim
  3. link Appleleena
    I did it and I'm not convinced my UTI is gone from some (minor) signs. No pain but tingling still. I think it's going to pop back up in a few days or - 4% more...
    Appleleena- over a year ago
  4. link Appleleena
    Bactrim insult to injury, stomach pain, hindsight, restroom, uti
    Honestly thank you for this website! I mentally feel better if not physically yet. I was prescribed 3 day/2 dose Bactrim for a UTI. I have NEVER had a - 89% more...
    Appleleena- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Bactrim
  5. link Appleleena
    And p.s. I did find out the Bactrim did NOT clear up my UTI at all. Have to also note-- the emergency room doctor said it wasn't the Bactrim but the U - 78% more...
    Appleleena- over a year ago