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    Valium three times a day, spacey, anxiety
    I have been taking 10mg three times a day for anxiety. I've noticrd that I've needed more. But If I don't take it, I feel spacey andnervous. Anyone el - 13% more...
    Bailey459- over a year ago - in Valium
  2. link Bailey459
    Geodon auditory hallucinations, dizzy spells, occassionally, paranoia, headache
    I have been on Geodon for 2 years for auditory hallucinations and paranoia. It's been a great drug for me but occassionally I have dizzy spells, even - 53% more...
    Bailey459- over a year ago - in Geodon
  3. link Bailey459
    Paxil paxil cr, stomach pain, anxiety attacks, geodon, breakthroughs
    I began taking paxil 30mg for anxiety attacks with xanax to help with the breakthroughs. Then it was upped to 40mg but that made me very aggitated, so - 78% more...
    Bailey459- over a year ago - in Paxil