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  1. link Casanova37
    Concerta headaches
    I've been getting headaches and eating a lot. My eyes are always burning and by 3:00pm I am extremely tired.
    Casanova37- over a year ago - in Concerta
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    Concerta social situations, hard time, anxiety, several times, concerta
    I am 25, female. Started Concerta about a month ago and LOOOOVE it!! I never realized that I had ADD, it has been a big relief to figure it out. I've - 81% more...
    Purpledragon- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Concerta
  3. link Casanova37
    Has the concerta made you gain weight or made you lethargic? I'm on 36mg now and I haven't noticed too much yet. I did take concerta 18mg for about a - 46% more...
    Casanova37- over a year ago