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  1. link Chosking
    Advair HFA cod liver oil, peak flow meter, beta carotene, breathing muscles, dust mites
    Firstly, there is hope! I have been off the evil Advair for 8 months now, I have my Ventolin at the ready but typically I use it one or twice a week.. - 93% more...
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    Advair HFA peak flow meter, mild asthma, advair, pharmaceutical companies, clean environment
    Update to my June 20th post. I have mild asthma but got prescribed the evil Advair by my doc a couple of years back. Recently my asthma felt like it w - 89% more...
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    Advair HFA advair, top of my lungs, mild asthma, healthy lifestyle, heart issues
    I'm 35 and I've have had mild asthma since I was about 10 year old. At times I've been able to go weeks without needing to take anything, then stress, - 86% more...
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