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    dosage of omnipaque
    Can the 300 mg of omnipaque injection liquid be taken orally with 18 ounces of water? I'm wondering if I was given the wrong form.
    Cjsgag3- over a year ago - in Omnipaque 300
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    Lotrel 10/40
    I have been taking Lotrel for about 7 months. It keeps my pressure down but I have an increase in weight gain. My stomach is swollen and feels very un - 63% more...
    Cjsgag3- over a year ago - in Lotrel
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    Lipitor cause irregular cells in colon?
    Can the increase dosage of Lipitor (20mg) increase the possibility of irregular cells found in pulps in the colon? My friend is now having pulps found - 69% more...
    Cff- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Lipitor
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    My dad took Lipitor and after a year he was diagnosed with colon cancer that had matastisized to his liver. He was over 70 years old and was doing fin - 55% more...
    Cjsgag3- over a year ago