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    Mirena medication, confirmation, severe mood swings, pitting edema, bacterial vaginosis
    SIX HOURS POST REMOVAL- I had my mirena removed today after 3 years and nearly 3 months. My side effects included headaches, sore breasts, weight gain - 93% more...
    Crebre80- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Mirena
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    I am pretty sure that I have already called them and been added to their list. I have documented pictures etc of the extreme swelling of my foot on an - 24% more...
    Crebre80- over a year ago
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    I didn't have severe acne just recurrent acne. My skin isn't as oily as it was with the Mirena. I had it removed three weeks ago Saturday. The most no - 58% more...
    Crebre80- over a year ago