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  1. link Garrettgla
    abrupt diovan withdrawal
    what is your advice for the rate at which i should end my treatment with diovan? is it ok to just abruptly stop? shoud i taper off? im on 160mg once a - 8% more...
    Garrettgla- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Diovan
  2. link Dman11111
    Yes i agree. I am now on the generic of diovan. Because the drug comanies are trying to save money. It is painfully impossible to try and quit diovan. - 72% more...
    Dman11111- over a year ago
  3. link Dman11111
    what did you end up doing with the diovan \ive been taping off and the feeling is wonderful yes my bp is high again but im going to try alternative na - 43% more...
    Dman11111- over a year ago
  4. link Dman11111
    Diovan sleep apena, sleep test, hard to sleep, unfortunatly, blood pressure
    It is now day 8....unfortunately the blood pressure has rocketed up to 150/100 had to go back on the full meds ...........being tired isn't fun but 15 - 80% more...
    Dman11111- over a year ago - in Diovan
  5. link Dman11111
    Diovan this will bring, first few days, feel better today, hypertention, bottom number
    Well day 5 off the meds......the Withdrawl the first few days wasn't easy a lot of sweating...errability etc but it seems to have leveled off and all - 83% more...
    Dman11111- over a year ago - in Diovan
  6. link Dman11111
    Diovan high blood pressure, brain fog, hypertention, hoax, nausea
    You are all completely 100 % right I have a book here called the high blood pressure hoax the lady that wrote it is 100 % right in her findings we are - 84% more...
    Dman11111- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Diovan
  7. link Dman11111
    yes still on meds couldnt take withdrawl going to try other options yeah diovan seems to be the best one but the problem is once your on it your body - 80% more...
    Dman11111- over a year ago