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    Mirena bloated feeling, 10 months, birth control, goodness, copper iud
    I am 35 years old... I had Paragard (copper IUD) for 11 years...really no problems except for periods every 21-24 days and cramps (which I took Aleve - 89% more...
    I_m_mrsloop- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Mirena
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    Todays date: 2 March 2011. Just to let you know that I took my Merina out on Monday 13 Dec 2010 and on Wednesday 15 Dec 2010 I had a tummy tuck due to - 68% more...
    Elikay123- over a year ago
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    You know what. After reading alot of these reviews, I've changed my mind. I honestly think my symptoms won't get any better. I don't have alot of the - 82% more...
    Elikay123- over a year ago
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    Hi i_m_mrsloop, Also like to add. I went and saw my gyno on Wed 16th Feb and told him of my dilema. Nipple sorness and bloating/weight gain. He told m - 74% more...
    Elikay123- over a year ago
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    Hi i_m_mrsloop, I had my Merina inserted on 2 Feb 2010. I was still on the pill as doctor informed to finish the month off. I was fine while on the pi - 87% more...
    Elikay123- over a year ago