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    NuvaRing nuva ring, mom, hormones, oral birth control, flip side
    A week ago I got a prescription for the Nuva Ring with the idea it would be easy and convenient.Thankfully from the advice of my mom,I decided I shoul - 60% more...
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    Im sorry I was reading another reference to your age....
    Forensickgirl96- over a year ago
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    you are so young, you should try to see if it works for you..Everybody is different, and you might be one of the ones it works for. Every medication h - 37% more...
    Forensickgirl96- over a year ago
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    NuvaRing menstrual suppression, elephantitis, adenomyosis, drop of a hat, cervix
    i have been using the ring for the last three months for menstrual suppression because of a suspected case of adenomyosis. I have noticed lately that - 61% more...
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