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  1. link Gsn
    Concerta google search, hidden danger, violent behavior, google, stimulants
    17 year old boy took Adderal for 7 years - got increasingly more violent, hallucinations, paranoia- added other meds to treat these symptoms, hospital - 76% more...
    Gsn- over a year ago - in Concerta
  2. link Daisy55009
    Concerta short fuse, risperdal, feedback welcome, personal things, strattera
    My 8 year old son was started on Concerta a few months ago, has severe ADHD & Bipolar Disorder Type 2. He has become more agitated, very short fus - 85% more...
    Daisy55009- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Concerta
  3. link Gsn
    Our experience with stimulants has been that they all caused our son to hallucinate, become paranoid, aggessive and violent. It seems that kids that a - 65% more...
    Gsn- over a year ago