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    Loestrin 24 Fe taking a bath, hair loss, handful
    I took Loestrin for one month and experienced hair loss by the handful when taking a bath every night and every morning when brushing my hair.
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  2. link Hoppiorgo
    25mg Simvastatin
    Can you stop taking simvastatin at any time?
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  3. link Hoppiorgo
    Zanaflex insomnia
    insomnia and hallucinations
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Zanaflex
  4. link Hoppiorgo
    Singulair headache
    Excruciating HEADACHE!!!!!
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Singulair
  5. link Hoppiorgo
    I find the pill difficult to swallow...is it possible to dissolve it in water ?
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Osteocit-D
  6. link Hoppiorgo
    metallic taste
    does this cause a metallic taste in mouth?
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  7. link Hoppiorgo
    How to take Osteocit D
    Am I able to dissolve the pill in water as I find it hard to swallow.
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Osteocit D Plus
  8. link Hoppiorgo
    Opiate constipation
    Hello Senna, Is senna-s something that can be used every day (2 tablets morning/2 tablets night) for opiate constipation, caused by Methadone? Thank y - 2% more...
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Senna S
  9. link Stguizar
    Loestrin 24 Fe breast tenderness, bloating, yasmin, nausea, bf
    Omg! i thought this was all in my head, since being on Loestrin i have had breast tenderness, headaches, nausea, bloating, and been eating more! ive o - 76% more...
    Stguizar- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  10. link Hoppiorgo
    i too have had breast tenderness and unctrl eating i am glad i read this thnk u
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago
  11. link Softy1
    Wellbutrin skin rashes, pills, exercise, tiny bumps, lotions
    Hives - it started early on My wrists and after the third week or so it triggered from irritable skin to horrible skin rashes within the 5-6 weeks at - 46% more...
    Softy1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Wellbutrin
  12. link Hoppiorgo
    OK, thought of EVERYTHING I ate this week, any possible new lotions and soaps- finally I know why my entire body is breaking out in tiny bumps that it - 36% more...
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago
  13. link Ecm0904
    Wellbutrin severe depression, catch 22, hair loss, medication, 10 years
    I have been taking wellbutrin for nearly 10 years and at one time I was almost bald. I did not know wellbutrin causes hair loss until recently. My hai - 82% more...
    Ecm0904- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Wellbutrin
  14. link Hoppiorgo
    My doctor is weaning me off wellbutrin. I'll see if my hair loss situation improves. If anyone has had success since coming off the meds, please post.
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago
  15. link Reeceshay
    Expiration date
    Can I take Cheratussin after the expiration date.
    Reeceshay- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Cheratussin AC
  16. link Hoppiorgo
    did anyone ever answer you on this? im wondering the same thing
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago
  17. link Tinasabb
    Where can i buy it?
    I had bought Rhuli Gel about 7 years ago and can not find it anymore. It had worked on a cold sore that would not go away and now my friend has the sa - 42% more...
    Tinasabb- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Rhuli Gel
  18. link Hoppiorgo
    I live in Riverview Michigan 48193. Can I buy it near by?
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago
  19. link Hoppiorgo

    Good Work!, http://rskblxh.no-ip.pl/ weapon receive about, 483855, http://gymbwkga.no-ip.pl/ respond key four, 97327, http://igfoike.no-ip.pl/ propert - 12% more...
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Yaz
  20. link Hoppiorgo
    NuvaRing mood swings, chills, 4 months, nausea, birth control
    I have been on nuvaring for about 4 months since my daughter was born and about the same time i started to get nausea constipation chills and shakes v - 72% more...
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in NuvaRing
  21. link Hoppiorgo
    Mirena doctora, xray, ultrasound
    After having multiple issues with mirena, I went into the doctor to have mirena removed and they can't find it!!! I had an ultrasound with no luck and - 56% more...
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - in Mirena
  22. link Hoppiorgo
    Lyrica quadricepts, nerve damage, left leg, numbness, nerves
    I have read that Lyrica ruins the covering of nerves, consequently causing nerve damage. I have taken Lyrica for more than 5 years. I do have a hernia - 61% more...
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Lyrica
  23. link Dbambib
    Mirena headaches, appetite, pregnancy test, rashes, severe mood swings
    I've had the Mirena for almost a year now. The first 8-9 months was ok, period lightened and cramps were not as bad as they use to be before the Miren - 75% more...
    Dbambib- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Mirena
  24. link Hoppiorgo
    Hi there. I had my Mirena inserted September of 2008. The first three months were awful. I cycled from hungry to not, bloated to MORE bloated and had - 84% more...
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago
  25. link Nomoreloestrin
    Loestrin 24 Fe migraine sufferer, extreme nausea, loestrin 24, stressful situation, topamax
    I have been on Loestrin 24 for 2 years!! And I am finally getting off... and so happy to find this site! I have had to be put on Topamax because my mi - 85% more...
    Nomoreloestrin- over a year ago - 24 Replies - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  26. link Hoppiorgo
    I've been experiencing hair loss for about 10 months now. I believe it is due to going on and off the pill. Once I was off the pill, I started to noti - 85% more...
    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago
  27. link Sharone
    Synthroid achy legs, check ups, cholestrol levels, ups, hair loss
    I have been on synthroid for about 6 months now. Some of the side effects I have been experiencing are numerous.I have hair loss, sometimes I get so i - 83% more...
    Sharone- over a year ago - 29 Replies - in Synthroid
  28. link Hoppiorgo
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    Hoppiorgo- over a year ago