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    Yasmin different forms of birth control, plain silly, no doubt, afraid to ask, doctor please
    I just wanted to say if anyone of you are belittled or uncomfortable with your doctor, or feel "put down" or afraid to ask questions, maybe - 80% more...
    Ibsqueen- over a year ago - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin increase serotonin, decreased libido, ssris, moodiness, palpitations
    I also completely understand the decreased libido many report. If you think about it this way it makes total sense and none of are crazy! Yasmin incre - 80% more...
    Ibsqueen- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Yasmin
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    Yasmin birth control, moths, ibs symptoms, frequent periods, ortho tri cyclen
    I'm so happy I found this site. I've been thinking I'm crazy or just getting old for the last 3 years while on Yasmin. I started taking it at age 29 a - 94% more...
    Ibsqueen- over a year ago - 10 Replies - in Yasmin
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    I thank you all for sharing your stories. It's eerie how similar they are to mine. There has to be something to this. I've been off Yasmin for abuot 2 - 78% more...
    Ibsqueen- over a year ago
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    I think you're all NOT crazy. If your side effects started after taking Yasmin, there are so many other kinds of birth control, even tons of other hom - 81% more...
    Ibsqueen- over a year ago
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    I wanted to add also that this makes sense now that I think throught the physiology. Yasmin mimics an SSRI effect, thereby increasing the amount of se - 75% more...
    Ibsqueen- over a year ago