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  1. link Karissalove02
    Winstrol/cytomel is a girls miricale. ;)
    I am a 19 year old female. I take 20 mg of winstrol a day, an I take 2 cytomel. It burns fat and makes you gain muscle. So any guy that tries to tell - 83% more...
    Karissalove02- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Winstrol
  2. link Asencion123
    The worst experience ever
    i was lied about windstrol two weeks after having my newborn, someone told me it wa the best to loose weight, and it changed my life for the worst, I - 83% more...
    Asencion123- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Winstrol
  3. link Karissalove02
    I am a 19 yr old girl I only take 20 mg a day, and it's fine, the reason people get bad side effects is Becuase they are taking to much!! A girl shoul - 60% more...
    Karissalove02- over a year ago