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  1. link Mkuroiwa
    Adderall XR losing my hair, freshman year, adderal, adderall, concerta
    I loved Adderall XR. I'm 18 and have been diagnosed with ADD since 2nd grade. I tried concerta during elementary school, but I'd get nauseous and dizz - 90% more...
    Mkuroiwa- over a year ago - in Adderall XR
  2. link Howv
    Adderall harmones, losing my hair, out of the blue, hair loss, appointment
    My arm or leg will "jerk" out of the blue.. and Im losing my hair..not sure if its harmones ? But I still love how its improved my life
    Howv- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Adderall
  3. link Mkuroiwa
    I've had hair loss too-- I figured it was the adderall xr when I left my adderall at home when going to a church camp, and after the withdrawl symptom - 73% more...
    Mkuroiwa- over a year ago