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    Mirena check ups, sex don, insertion, ups, acne
    I had Mirena inserted in May 2009. I did not have much pain at all with insertion, just minor cramping. I did bleed for almost 3 months after insertio - 85% more...
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    Mirena bayer, reply, greatest thing in the world, patient pamphlets, radio announcements
    I just recently posted about my experience with mirena and had then read some more posts, and I had a thought. With SO MANY of us experiencing these s - 76% more...
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    Mirena isurance, insurance coverage, couple days, hormones, insertion
    So I read about mirena and my ob said that I should def get it. It sounded wonderful! My insurance covered 100% of it so I said I should do it now whi - 87% more...
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