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  1. link Painfree4life
    Hydrocortisone mood swings, cant sleep, moday, massive weight, rare condition
    i hate this drug, its turned my world upside down,if nayone has to take these tabs for medical use ask every question you need, google it before you s - 87% more...
    Painfree4life- over a year ago - in Hydrocortisone
  2. link Painfree4life
    what else can i take except fentylin
    iv been on phenylin patches for almost 1 year, i was given it for severe back pain, after another bad patch of back pain my doc put me up 2 50,it patc - 77% more...
    Painfree4life- over a year ago - in Fentanyl
  3. link Kjohnso75
    What to do now?
    I have finally figured out that Avelox was the cause of all my symptoms, but my question is what do I do now. Every Dr.,I have seen says it is in my h - 45% more...
    Kjohnso75- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Avelox
  4. link Painfree4life
    i cant help you with your meds but thats all iv heard from docs & specialist for 8 months, i was told i was a medical mystery by my endocroniligis - 70% more...
    Painfree4life- over a year ago