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    Klonopin pristiq, psychiatrist, antidepressants, anxiety, depression
    I've been taking Klonopin for only a week now. Kept going to doctors and telling them about my anxiety, they kept prescribing me antidepressants (many - 72% more...
    Purpledragon- over a year ago - in Klonopin
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    Concerta social situations, hard time, anxiety, several times, concerta
    I am 25, female. Started Concerta about a month ago and LOOOOVE it!! I never realized that I had ADD, it has been a big relief to figure it out. I've - 81% more...
    Purpledragon- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Concerta
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    NuvaRing menstrual cramps, nuva ring, pelvic infection, pelvic area, norm
    I decided to stop using the NuvaRing and removed it about 3 weeks ago. A very light period started about 4 days later, which was the norm while I had - 86% more...
    Hamilkins4- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in NuvaRing
  4. link Purpledragon
    Wow, it's like reading a post from myself! I discontinued NuvaRing 3 weeks ago, had a normal period, then noticed a major increase in discharge -- cle - 73% more...
    Purpledragon- over a year ago