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  1. link Reruho
    Vicodin crps, hangover
    I take vicodin for my pain from RSD/CRPS. I hate taking it because it makes me feel like I have a hangover. It does takes care of the pain. I break th - 23% more...
    Reruho- over a year ago - in Vicodin
  2. link Reruho
    How common is the cortisone flare with Kenalog?
    I recent had a kenalog injection for my tennis elbow and suffered a cortisone flare. I am curious about how common this flare is? I read 1-2% on one w - 41% more...
    Reruho- over a year ago - in Kenalog-10
  3. link Alexant
    Vytorin excess estrogen, blood work, liver, post menopausal, vytorin
    Taking Vytorin for approx. 6 months....past couple of months feeling very hormonal?? I am 52 and thought could be pre menopause symptoms. Had blood wo - 56% more...
    Alexant- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Vytorin
  4. link Reruho
    I had problems with going hormonal on vytorin. My total cholesterol dropped to 105, I was depressed, angry, agitated, hormonal, started bleeding again - 82% more...
    Reruho- over a year ago
  5. link Reruho
    Trental horrible taste, pain meds, blood vessels, chronic pain, medication
    I am very pleased with the overall effect. I have vasoconstrition problems (blood vessels spasming) from my CRPS (chronic pain condition). My arm woul - 65% more...
    Reruho- over a year ago - in Trental
  6. link Reruho
    Vytorin biliary dyskinesia, gallbladder attack, post menopausal bleeding, risk factors for heart disease, gallbladder problems
    I was on Vytorin (10/10) along with Niaspan (1500mg) and my cholesterol dropped down to 105 (LDL-50, TRIG- 47, HDL-45). I started asking if that wasn' - 92% more...
    Reruho- over a year ago - in Vytorin