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    We Call Our Little Friends "Afids"
    My husband and I are suffering through the third month of an undiagnosed as of yet, ugly, irritating, and painful skin infection. It started as little - 82% more...
    Ibbabygirl2- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Skin Conditions
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    Where are you located? My granddaughter and I are having the same problem in Austin--since before Thanksgiving! The doctor prescribed medicine that yo - 71% more...
    Sallyatticum- over a year ago
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    Lodrane 24D lodrane 24 d, asthma attack, advil, 4am, forehead
    I can't tell if it's the Lodrane 24 D or the Nasex, as they were prescribed together and both are 24 hour drugs. About the time the good effects began - 73% more...
    Sallyatticum- over a year ago - in Lodrane 24D