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    Remicade large intestine, feeling of hopelessness, words of wisdom, prednisone, emerg
    I am a 47yr old female with uc. At present, 50cm of my large intestine is affected. I've been on numerous meds and have always refused prednisone. 4 d - 79% more...
    Sm47- over a year ago - 9 Replies - in Remicade
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    thanks for all the kind words. I just got a phone call today from my medical insurance that they will cover the remicade 100%. I am very scared, but a - 32% more...
    Sm47- over a year ago
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    Thanks to all the people who have replied. I feel for you all. Tomorrow is my 2nd infusion and I'm looking forward to it. I hadn't heard about possibl - 63% more...
    Sm47- over a year ago
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    Thanks for your reply. Did you go off Prenisone all together? Remicade is very expensive. I'm in Canada and it's about $3600 per infusion. I'm hoping - 64% more...
    Sm47- over a year ago
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    thanks for your words of encouragement. I am worried about taking prednisone again and it's potential side effects. It is only day 5 at 30mg a day. Ha - 47% more...
    Sm47- over a year ago