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  1. link Vgvwhoney
    Avelox cardiac ablation, sinus rhythm, going to the grocery store, cardioversion, lung problems
    I took Avelox April 2008 and my life changed after taking the first dose. I had read on the bottle it could cause dizziness, so when I began to feel i - 92% more...
    Vgvwhoney- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Avelox
  2. link Miracle1234
    Avelox sinus infection, horrible drug, heart specialist, lot of water, allergic reaction
    OMG. Started taking Avelox and a cough pill at the same time. Thought the shakes were from being tired from not sleeping since I've had a sinus infect - 84% more...
    Miracle1234- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Avelox
  3. link Vgvwhoney
    I took avelox for bronchitis, the bronchitis cleared up - however the first day I took the medication I was told I had an irregular heart rate. I was - 89% more...
    Vgvwhoney- over a year ago