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    Lithium Carbonate constant diarrhea, constant thirst, dangerous things, time in my life, lithium
    I was lithium perhaps a month and half what must be many years ago b/c I was in my late 20's. The side effects were HORRIBLE. I cannot recall all of t - 71% more...
    Waya333- over a year ago - in Lithium Carbonate
  2. link Waya333
    Deplin increased appetite, suicidal depression, meds, medication, little bit
    I am so glad that someone here posted about the increased appetite! I have been going crazy trying to figure out why after I take my night meds (and I - 83% more...
    Waya333- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Deplin
  3. link Waya333
    Dr. Val's SmartCaps: valeriesaxion.com Her website does not make any claims (yet) that I know of about helping with depression. She does a radio talk - 55% more...
    Waya333- over a year ago
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    Deplin insatiable appetite, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, wt, supplements
    Well something has been making me having an insatiable appetite but like some1 said here, the website said no wt gain. Other things I have noticed sin - 73% more...
    Waya333- over a year ago - in Deplin
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    Deplin cause weight gain, different times, appetite, weight gain, nap
    I have tried to take it two different times, a year apart, and it makes me so hungry! I know it says it doesn't cause weight gain, but I have noticed - 45% more...
    Marleymom- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Deplin
  6. link Waya333
    Boy, I am glad I found all these posts! I made no connection and like an idiot trusted the website side effect info. I have been eating non-stop, esp - 90% more...
    Waya333- over a year ago